The Microwave Diaries (2016)


We are currently working on a web series titled "The Microwave Diaries". This show focuses on the people of ACE Media Clique™ as they sit down at lunch hour where they oddly enough compare different brands of Microwavable food. I know... how boring right?!? In their defense, the show does need some sort of on going educational premise. How else will today's internet children learn how to eat?
Moving on... "The Microwave Diaries" is the embodiment of a 20 something's lunch hour in the midst of the age old Hollywood struggle. Be prepared for childish antiques, pranks, controversies, and conspiracies theories. These kids need to blow off some steam as they embark on their journey from ZER0 T0 HER0. So break out your tablets, smart phones and microwaves and have some fun with this quirky crew.