ZER0 T0 HER0 (2016)


"The Microwave Diaries" is a precursor to a larger venture known as "ZER0 T0 HER0 - The Hollywood Network". This series (Distribution undecided) shows the more serious side of ACE Media Clique™. Unlike the previous light hearted web series, ZER0 T0 HER0 gives you an eye witness account of the mind numbing dedication it takes to break into the industry. Of course this show has an educational spin as well, showing the gear and techniques used to cut a single and music video with that Hollywood luster. A sound and look normally bogarted by the major label giants. Bringing a brand new style to episodic film making, ZER0 T0 HER0 will be showcasing a new short film in ever single episode ranging from genre to genre. The first showcase will be Omar Figueroa's "Let Them In". This new showcase idea will bring a new story to every single episode, giving you viewers something new to look forward to for every release aside from the real life story of ACE Media Clique™.